We offer a complete notarial service to private individuals and entrepreneurs. Through us, you can find the answers to any questions you may have about getting married, inheriting, buying, and doing business. We can also take care of any financial matters for you.

We take pride in giving you a clear and correct answer through a personal approach. This is then translated into a legally binding text which thereby provides you with the certainty you are looking for.

Our experience is broad and covers, in a manner of speaking, all your questions from the cradle to the grave.

We specialize in legacy planning and any issues related to business succession and company takeovers.

Corporate law in general is also an important part of our notarial practice. We are experienced in advising entrepreneurs in the legal setting-up and further structuring of their companies.

Furthermore, we are multilingual and internationally-oriented.

Further information? Tel Mr K.J.M. Schretlen, +31 (0)492 370 090


Who are we?

Karel Schretlen

Karel Schretlen
Civil-law Notary

Karel Schretlen graduated from the Catholic University Nijmegen, now the Radboud University in civil and notarial law. He later obtained a minor in Dutch law as well as a degree in business administration at the Open University and the Stichting Leergangen Bedrijfskunde (Foundation for Business Administration Education) respectively. He went on to specialise in corporate law, business succession and estate planning through the CPO and Grotius post-doctoral programmes.

Schretlen is a member of the Notary Association for Estate Planners (EPN) and the Notary Association for Corporate Law (VOC). He is also an IT notary, providing software escrow arrangements and other IT-related civil-law notary services.

Schretlen is also the co-founder of Bespoke Estate Planners ( In Dutch:  Maatwerk Estate Planners ), a company that offers notary services for estate planning and business succession.



Boris Huisman
Civil-law candidate notary

Boris Huisman obtained a degree in notarial law at the University of Amsterdam and has also completed a three-year post-doctoral vocational training course. After first gaining experience in the Randstad, he now works for Schretlen Notaris in the fields of family law, real estate and estate planning.





vervoortRoy Vervoort

Civil-law candidate notary

Roy Vervoort graduated from the Radboud University in Nijmegen and works in the field of real estate. He is now fulfilling the three-year post-doctoral vocational training course.






Leo Lommen

Leo Lommen
Former civil-law notary

Leo Lommen graduated from the Catholic University Nijmegen, now known as the Radboud University. He has more than thirty-five years of notary experience in both urban and provincial settings. Until 1 January 2006, he ran his own notary office offering a full range of services for both companies and private individuals. He is currently applying his extensive experience to company law and providing advice about family law.






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